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Tax relief

Starting from a minimum total of €40 of donations over one year, you are entitled to a tax certificate.

You will automatically receive this certificate in the course of the following year.

The tax relief amounts to 45% of the value of your donation. For example, if you make a €100 donation to Doctors of the World Belgium, you will recover €45 and only actually pay €55.

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Pooling of donations

Doctors of the World works on the principle of not earmarking its donations but rather pooling all the funds it receives to cover the full range of its missions.

This clear principle allows Doctors of the World to intervene exclusively in response to real needs on the ground, and not according to financial considerations or in response to media coverage of emergency situations.

If therefore the donations received are greater than the pledges made, they will be reallocated in line with other programmes.


Email: info@medecinsdumonde.be
Tel.: +32 (0) 2 225 43 00
By mail: Médecins du Monde
Rue Botanique 75, 1210 Brussels

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€ 8,20

directly funds our actions on the ground, in Belgium and in the rest of the world.


funds our communication and fundraising actions in order to raise awareness among the Belgian public and incite them to action.


funds the operating costs of our organisation, which are essential to allow us to work in decent conditions and to guarantee the effectiveness of our actions.